Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Linky things

The Truth (source linked below)

1. Humans are not destroying the planet
2. Global warming is a myth
3. Gay men should be allowed to get the woman of their choice
4. Children don't die from second-hand smoke
5. Animals do not have rights
6. Genetically modified food is perfectly safe
7. Windmills are ugly and wind power is a joke
8. Red meat is good to eat
9. Life starts at conception
10. Bad things happen to good people

...and remember!

1. Ignore them! They're only Europeans
2. God is a carnivore
3. Fear not the big SUV
4. My kid beat up your anti-war protester
5. Race only matters to bigots, politicians and bigoted politicans
6. Keep your laws off our guns
7. Take time to enjoy a good fight every once in a while
8. Beer from a can, whiskey from a bottle... and smile!
9. Jeans and a T-shirt unless you're goin' to church or about to meet the President
10. Dolphin, tuna, manatee, it all tastes good on a sandwich