Monday, June 07, 2004

I hate Europeans

I spent my entire morning arguing in IMs with a self-righteous Austrian guy who thought the US was imperialistic and opportunistic. He thought were were too consumed with power, that we were anti-environmental protection, out to constantly abuse the Iraqi people, and were just evil in general.

Below are exceprts from our coversation:

"The UN should be in control."
"Well, the UN pulled out right after the bullets started flying but haven't returned. Have anything to say about that?"
"The UN should be in control. The US should leave."
"We are. The Iraqis will have soverign control over their own country in less than 30 days. Our military is staying to ensure smooth transitions and continued protection."
"The US should leave now."


"Bush knew about 9/11. I heard about it from Michael Moore."
"Michael Moore is a big fat liar. He's being ripped in the US press for making up things in his movies."
"Many famous people don't like Bush."
"Well, famous people didn't get to be famous because they are smart."


"The planes that hit the WTC were empty."
"Like ---- they were. Over 80 people died on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. And another 50 when the Pentagon hit."
"One of them was completely empty."
"It was a 7 am flight - across country. Not many people fly that early in the morning and the bigger jets are designed for cross-country flights."
"American Airlines must nearly be bankrupt if they fly all the time with empty planes."
(I was not given a chance to retort this - he's right in that respect but I would have said "Can we not be grateful that more people didn't die in the terrorist attacks?")

"Why did the US pull of Kyoto? You don't care about the environment.... it's the law that trash is separated in Austria."
"Kyoto is a bad idea - out to punish successful, industrial countries and allow third world countries to continue abusing the environment."
"Austria is successful."
"For how much longer? Americans view environmental protection as a part of industry and if consumers want that, they will pay for it. It should not be a function of the government. The more the government gets involved, the worse a situation will get."
"Americans don't care about the streams..."
(The Empress really really really wants to whack him with her sceptre. If I had a gun on my person, I would have shot my monitor by this point.)


"You are a republican."
"No, I'm a libertarian who happens to be very pro self-defense."
"We have 4 parties in the Austrian government. You only have 2."
At this point, the wimp signed off. I left him a message stating that we have many political parties in the US, many formed in the last 30 years and working to give Americans an alternative to the nearly identical national parties.

God Bless the USA!

UPDATE - 2008:

STOP commenting here. This post is 4 years old. My opinion has changed.

I admit it - I was wrong. You were right. There. Go away. No further responses will be given.