Monday, June 21, 2004


TLC has a show called "Faking it." The episode last night took a Nebraska farmer and tried to turn her into a Manhatten socialite. Her final test was to make it through a ladies lunch correctly using her silverware, glassware and conducting herself with poise, confidence, dignity, and class.. and look very fashionable and chic.

The day before the test, a story appears in one of the papers saying that TLC has "a girl" posing as a socialite and she was at a charity benefit the night before. "Was anyone fooled? We think not."

Well Grace flipped out and her confidence sank. She lashed out, accusing her mentor Fabian Basabe (a handsome, very wealthy Manhatten "It boy" linked to Barbara Bush -the younger- earlier in the year) of leaking the story to the press. Grace had spent the previous 3 weeks almost battling Fabian (on the left in this picture) and her other mentors at every turn. She knew better and that was that.

For about a week, she had eased up and was very cooperative - until the story appeared in the paper. Fabian, to his credit, was extremely patient while demanding that she perform to the level required to pass the test. Of course, all of this is subject to editing... When Grace (ironic that that's her name) threw her hissy fit, he calmly looked at her and said something to the effect of "I think you know what the truth is. I do not appreciate your behavior and it will not help you tomorrow."

It got me thinking... I have seen many a man show incredible grace, restraint, and patience when dealing with an irrational and angry woman. It occured to me that this happens with some regularity. We women can be very abrasive and crass - even The Empress' can be a bit... rude. It is rooted in our feminist upbringings.

We are taught to be pushy, self-reliant, independent.. and through countless media images see women berating men. Girl power (and the idea of believing in yourself) is good...

Saying "Boys suck" is another. It's ok to belittle a man because if he tries to retort or fight back, we can get him back for abuse or harrassment. That's one of the reasons for the de-moralization of our military... what male is going to say anything about a female regardless of her rank? The fact that she can sue is rear is enough of a threat.. so the women get away with everything.

Yes, there are some clueless men just as there are extremely patient women.

We ladies should give men the credit they are due for putting up with our freakish mood swings and bad behavior.

Thank you :)