Monday, June 14, 2004

Ebonics abound

The 'Last Haven'?

A university professor has found yet another form of egregious profiling going on in our world today and describes it as the last haven of discrimination, reports the Grand Rapids Press.

Denis Preston, a professor of English and linguistics at Michigan State University, says people routinely use speech to determine the race or socio-economic status of a speaker and consequently discriminate against people based on that information.

The report says laws currently don't reflect the ability of Americans to identify people on the basis of language, something that obviously needs to be corrected immediately.


Just because I can identify someone as being from the poor college in town when they call doesn't mean that I treat them any differently than the applicants that come from within our own hallowed walls...

I just know the former stand much less of a chance of entrance because they cannot communicate, they have poor test scores, and march around with a chip on their shoulders the size of Montana claiming they are entitled. - Views - Tongue Tied - Evil Eye Contact, Angry Hermaphrodites