Monday, June 21, 2004

Miss being Mrs.

Not me... Since I haven't been a Mrs. yet, there isn't anything to miss.

Loretta Lynn. It's her new single that's pushing its way up the country charts.

I'm thrilled to see the older artists of country, those on which modern country stands, have hits today. Johnny Cash's last song "Hurt" and its video show an intimacy, vulnerabilty, and self-reflection at the end of a long and productive life. He took a song that was ok when Nine Inch Nails recorded it and made it a classic. He was truly robbed at the MTV Music Awards last year.. and Justin Timberlake knew it and acknowledged it. Just goes to show what happens when you let 15 year old girls vote.

In the video for "Miss being Mrs." and the album, Loretta has partnered with Jack White of the White Stripes. Kudos to the artists for pushing past labels and genres to just make good music.

See also: Big and Rich's CD. Love it. Own it. It's fantastic. As they say, it's "country music without prejudice."