Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I always like reading my sitemeter report. It's fascinating to see how people found me floating out there in the blogosphere.

There are hits from Ian's site or Miss O'Hara's or Gilly's. Always glad to see you all :) And now Rockynoggin at cornpone. I see Elena too....

But the really interesting ones are courtesy of google. And some of the search criteria are really.. um.. well...

Michael Moore's biography (I bet they are shocked when they see mine courtesy of an Alliance PGHA. I've gotten at least 5 hits this weekend because of that phrase)
Viacom's Conspiracy (anyone know what that's about?)
Several related to Jeff Foxworthy jokes
The phrase "pink kitty"

Doing a google search myself for "pink kitty," beyond my own site which is #2 on google's page...
- there's some anime/furry page dedicated to pink kitties.
- a strip club named pink kitty
- an adult dvd about pink kitty. I didn't investigate any further. I don't want to know.
- Lots of childrens clothes with pink kitties on them.
- Hello Kitty! cr-- stuff.
- some really ugly pink kitty charms for a bracelet.