Saturday, June 19, 2004

Pink Kitty's Site Meter Report

Or how to drive traffic to your blog. Write about lots of strange things and get google hits. More of the google searches that lead people to the blog:

"Heidi and Jenna for cookies no blur" (that would be going WAY back on the blog when I chided the wonder-twins from Survivor: Amazon for stripping for oreos and peanut butter)
"Save a horse ride a cowboy" (Big & Rich are awesome!!!)
"Blog pain high heel boots" (Uh... sure.)
"God is better than football" (line from Harvie Krumpet - a short film is where I heard it)
"Pink Kitty"
"Bunions and high heel shoes"
"She humilated me by making me smell her toes" (No comment from this peanut gallery about odd fetishes... but ::shudder:: The google search took the person to my story about working for the General Assembly where I put a sentor in his place.)

3 different searches for "nipple enhancement."