Friday, June 25, 2004

Of course they think it is a mistake

When ALL that is on the news is Abu Ghraib, more GIs being attacked and killed, Abu Ghraib, Abu Ghraib, another terrorist attack, John Kerry in Vietnam, a beheading, "Bush is stupid" - from Michael Moore, and Abu Ghraib.

Yahoo! News - Poll: 54 Percent Say Iraq War a Mistake

We never ever ever hear stories about the local elections in Iraq - and the former Baathists and radicals keep losing. They have no popular support. We don't hear about the rebuilt communities. We barely hear that their soccer team qualified for the Olympic games. See this article for more good news in Iraq.

Other Linky things:

Monica Lewinsky is hurt that Bill Clinton did not "acknowledge how he destroyed her life." What a fine example of deflection of personal responsibility.

Yes, he abused his power. Yes, he cheated on his wife (many many times). Yes, he has know idea what "is" is. But, dearheart, it takes two to tango... and um... you were the one to get to your knees. Were you thinking about just what giving the President of the US a blow job might do to the rest of your life? No... "I get to play around with the President! Yippee!!!" Bear some of the responsibility on your own shoulders. You will get more respect for it.

Coke makes kids fat or not. The Governor has asked for proof of that statement before decided to pull soft-drink machines from schools.

Just more from the "public interest" groups that want to stop you from smoking, drinking - even cokes, eating tasty foods like movie theater popcorn with butter or bacon, and driving your SUV. I hate them about as much as I hate the government.

Drink-o-Meter Find out how much you have had in your entire life.