Friday, June 11, 2004

You can only name your children Jennifer, Bennifer, Ben, or Saran Wrap

Soaring to new heights of government regulation and intrusion on the lives of individuals (though they do have a reason), the Japanese government has decided to limit what you can name your child.

Out are the Chiquita Banana corporate looking names, bugs, evil, and trendy names. Well, they should be banned here. Naming your kid Mercedes just seems... well... um... stupid.

I always disliked my name growing up. It was odd and longer than most of the boxes for first names on standardized tests. It would end up with at least 2 letters cut off.

Rarely does anyone spell my name right on the first try. There are still those that have known me for years and still can't get it right. That second N....

Yahoo! News - Japanese Gov't Helps Determine Names