Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Fashionista Strikes Again!

The fine, upstanding gentlemen who read the blog will just have to bear with me. A girl has got to talk about clothes and shoes once in a while.

FrontPage magazine.com - The Panty Jihad by Val MacQueen

-- It's ok for Muslims to be offended by nasty advertising and for the companies to do something about it. Don't put the billboard near the mosque - put it next to the church or the school. That's ok. But Christians complain and complain and complain.. it takes Janet Jackson's nipple popping up in prime time for anyone to listen.. for about 3 months.

The author is right - we are fast falling under the influence of Islam. Step by step. Creeping forward. Someone posited the other day in a discussion that the Anti-Christ will be a Muslim..

No, not being hateful but there is an effort to unite the Muslim states and those living abroad to conver their governments. Is it the UN we should be worried about?

Problem with your shoes? Fix your feet

-- from NYT (registration is free but required). Gist of the article is that in order to fit into our new Jimmy Choos, women are getting their toes cut off or after years of abuse, having collagen injected to cushion the blows of walking in high heels.

I now know why my nana would never even let me play as a child in her pink high heels. Bunions.

I love my high heels. I'm 5'3" - I can get away with 3" heels. Most fall in the 2" range though.. but as a tip for the shoe buyers: if the don't fit when you try them on the the store, they won't stretch to fit you later.

I had to leave a pair of Anne Klein stillettos at TJ Maxx much to my chagrin because they didn't fit. Oh.. just beautiful.. and the pointy toe.. But the pain was not worth how good they looked on my feet. Fun to walk around in for a couple of minutes though.

Oh - Clint from What not to wear said that many shoe manufacturers are coming out with comfort lines where the shoe begins to narrow after the toes so they aren't squished.

And is toe cleavage attractive? Did I miss something? I don't think so. Yeesh! It's like camel toe... ::shudders violently:: Just make sure your clothes and your shoes fit.

Dressing Well and loving it.

-- Ms. Lee states that sweats are for the gym not the grocery store. Agreed. Dressing up meant something... play clothes are now considered dressy.

"Sometimes I pass smartly dressed individuals and make a mental picture of them, fearful that sights like those are slipping away. I wonder if these souls are, like me, trying to hold on to a fast-fading formality, or dressed for a special event requiring fastidious attire. I hope they are simply meeting someone for lunch, someone special enough to dress up for."

Related - Cornpone said on his blog that the Army may go to no-shine boots.

And Lt. Smash tells us that the BDUs will be replaced with ACUs that somehow aren't nearly as.. um.. attractive. Too European for my taste. But dress uniforms on the other hand... mmmmm...