Monday, June 21, 2004

Redneck Words

Andymatic reports there is a request to federally fund a course on the Southern language.

The Professor (a native Canadian now in the deep deep South) said "Southern accents from women are sexy. Men with Southern accents just sound stupid." He would report that I do not have much of one. Most people from Nashville ask me when did I move here...

"Um.. I was born here."

"Really? You don't sound like it."

"Thanks. I'm trying not to."

Though my accent does make an appearance when I'm tired, angry, or not paying attention. Or outside of the South and people say "Where are you from? I can't figure it out but I love your accent!"

I do pronouce all of the word "Shelbyville" but will slur "Louisville" and its is not La Fayette.. it's "luh-fayit" here in Tennessee.

I say Hey Y'all and Yee-haw!!!!! - Gretchen Wilson