Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Women's Rights and a high school exam

I am not making this up. Elena was kind enough to forward these to me. And after I've recovered from laughing so hard it hurt.. and then going "this is just sad," I decided to share them with you. Over the next little bit, I will post the high quality answers to some exam questions. In discussing the impact of the American Revolution on the life of women and African-Americans, one student wrote:

"Women were expected to be the passenger in the minivan of their own lives."

"Although women had no political voice their pots began to boil"

"Because of the American Revolution both women and slaves are treated better today"

"Social Darwinism, although Darwin hadn't been born yet, could have been a factor"

"Only men of the new country were allowed to have a mind."

-- The Empress' Research Team of the monkeys, cockatiels, and koala are more up to speed than this. Stay tuned for more..... --