Monday, June 28, 2004

What if it were the other way around?

(some words edited due to the location of readers)

Would these feminists defend the right of men on campus to have p**is clubs? Or would c**k be more appropirate to match the c**t club available at Wesleyan University? Probably not.. they would say there isn't a need for such an organization because there are fraternities or secret societies for men.. or athletics. And from their vantage point, men are just offensive all the way around.

Unless they are of the sissified, wimpy, uber-apologetic, in touch with their feminine side, rainbow-flag waving, pro-abortion/anti-war marching, metrosexual and granola crunchy at the same time variety. Then they are ok. They only have the bits required for function.. they certainly don't have any b*lls.

Geez... trying to reclaim vulgar words as empowering is just... twisted. Apparently these young women have nothing better to do.

FrontPage - Feminists for Obscenity by Mike Adams