Monday, June 14, 2004

Everything is in the Constitution now

Pretty soon, you won't be able to spit without offending someone's Constitutional rights.

Michael "I don't have custody but I'm going to sue anyway" Newdow lost his fight with the Supreme Court and they ruled that he didn't have sufficient custody to bring the suit on behalf of his daughter.

What did he have to say: "What is being done to parents is unconstitutional." Among other things.

Anyone know where in our great document parental rights are spelled out?

The Empress thinks Mr. Newdow is full of it and needs a new hobby. Along with those at the ACLU who are now thinking of demanding the name of "Los Angeles" be changed because it causes people to think of angels and that's establishing religion and what not.

Funny, when I think about Lost Angeles, I think about granola cruchy, godless, druggies, left-leaning to the point of falling over (though not necessarily all together), wanna-be actors working as waiters.

Angels never crossed my mind.

Yahoo! News - Supreme Court Preserves 'God' in Pledge